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  • For example LINEA 4.2.4

    a = 42 mm

    b = 20 mm

    c = 43,71 mm


For Laudescher, choosing timber is part of an overall vision that involves preserving natural resources and promoting healthier surroundings.

laudescher architecture bois

Comitted to the environment

Improving the company’s carbon footprint throughout the life cycle of its products, from sourcing to recycling, is a priority objective at all levels of the company and a continuous improvement process.

Waste recycling

Waste is sorted and recycled through different industries.

Respect for resources

Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

Energy savings

All energy consumption is scrutinised to identify possible efficiency savings. For example, the factory is heated using energy produced by recycling wood chips, which is also the main energy supply for the drying ovens for finishing products.

Recovering energy from compressors reduces electricity consumption.

Air quality

The raw materials selected by Laudescher, combined with the manufacturing process, offer optimum air quality.

Constant quality and performance approach

Laudescher’s continuous quality strategy is ISO 9001 certified.