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  • For example LINEA 4.2.4

    a = 42 mm

    b = 20 mm

    c = 43,71 mm


From a very early stage, Laudescher understood the importance of design in developing its product ranges, firstly by following trends to attract architects, project owners and customers. Design makes for a better product, facilitated production and easier installation.

Design to imagine the shapes of the future

Laudescher has always driven partnerships with designers, or even acoustic engineers, to lead the company into new areas and help it build an essential vision of the future.

For example, Laudescher recently called upon a designers’ collective, to design the LINEA 3D collection. There are still numerous development opportunities. . 

In 2020, Laudescher create a new workshop, dedicated to R&D and installation training.

Create an unique visual identity

Laudescher expresses a desire to associate traditional wood attributes – green, emotional and tonality qualities – together with ever changing, energetic, unique and open to all architectural design audacities geometrical shapes. Rythmes, vibrations, surface aspects, finishes, volumes and shapes all contribute to give a unique visual identity to each project, bringing live to ceilings, walls and facades: more than a broad range, a commitment to singularity and legacy.